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Material ConneXion's Dr. Andrew Dent discusses Acoustic Architectural Textiles by STUDIO SAMIRA BOON, which uses an innovative weaving process and enables the material to fold itself into...
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Four sizes of plates in new colorway pollen. Photography courtesy of East Fork. While many dinnerware manufacturers in the U.S. have shuttered in recent decades, the story of East Fork is ju...
Senior Researcher Kerrie Masone of Material ConneXion looks at Soliyarn, an electricity-conducting textile. Video by James Eades and Steven Wilsey.
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Spartan Maple
Dr. Gayatri Keskar examines the eco-constructive Criaterra Earth Technologies building material, which is comprised of natural minerals and vegetal fibers. Video by James Eades and Steven...
Rayform allows artists and designers to “sculpt” light using a specially-designed surface. Video by James Eades and Steven Wilsey.
Material ConneXion material specialist Kerrie Masone examines printed textiles made from repurposed denim. Video by James Eades and Steven Wilsey.