Dreaming in Digital

Artificial intelligence may be a nascent technology but its capabilities are already startlingly advanced. The next industry to be touched by AI's incredible potential may be gaming. A new software developed by chipmaker Nvidia could take a huge burden off developers with its ability to dream up incredibly detailed scenes in mere minutes. 

Students Tackle Urban Loneliness Through Architecture

Architecture and urban planning have been proven to be incredibly useful tools in combatting the negative effects of climate change on the city level. Could design thinking be the answer to mitigating the epidemic of loneliness in our urban centers, as well? PhD researcher Tanzil Shafique set out to discover if it was possible with his M.Arch students at the Melbourne School of Design and the answer is a resounding yes (view student work ). 

Welcome to NewIstanbul
Holographic Co-working Product Lets You Attend a Work Meeting Without Getting Dressed
Holland's Neo-Atlantis

Bad Acoustics Are A Killer. Here's What Designers Can Do About It.

Noise is all around us, whether we like it or not. We're only now beginning to understand the detrimental effects loud sounds can have on our health. Luckily, we can mitigate those effects with design thinking.

NASA Mars Tour 2018
Hustle Porn is Unrealistic and Sexist
NASA's Newest Visualization Tool Transforms Earth Into A Living Organism

NASA's new tool for looking at our planet is seriously sophisticated. Called the Scientific Visualization Studio, the program referenced nearly a terabyte of data gathered from NASA's Goddard Earth Observing System Model to create an animation that produced petabytes (one million gigabytes) of output. The overall goal of this super-powered computational tool is to "promote a greater understanding of Earth and space science research," according to NASA.

Moooi Smacks Down Counterfeiters With New App

Cheating sucks, in relationships, in school, and definitely in business. Everyone, from individual designers to giant design houses, goes to great lengths to make sure their intellectual property stays out of the hands of counterfeiters, but Moooi may have found a solution that is foolproof and looks cool, too. Going forward, all Moooi products will come with a small floral button that contains a identifying microchip. Shoppers with the brand's new authentication app can scan the button and confirm if what they're looking at is a real Moooi product. 

Dutch Government Embraces Flex Space in Trains
Ray Kurzweil Claims the Singularity is Less Than 30 Years Away
France Develops App to End Cultural Snobbery

The Fuzz Takes Flight

First it was predictive crime artificial intelligence. Now, police are taking to the sky, at least in Dubai. A California-based hover vehicle company called Hoversurf has gifted the Middle Eastern city's police force one unit for the time being, but if the officers prove capable of flying it more could be on the way. 

Radical Seasonality, The New Grocery Store Paradigm
The Marijuana-As-Healthcare Revolution Passes Major Milestone
Cyborg Artist Choreographs Earthquakes Via Feet Implants

Moon Ribas is a dancer and choreographer with an unusual source of inspiration: earthquakes. Implants embedded in her feet are linked to online seismographs, which send vibrations through her body any time they detect seismic activity. Ribas then transforms those vibrations into dance moves. 

Space Artist Imagines Way Cooler Night Sky

For now, space artist Ron Miller is bound by gravity and expense to remain on planet Earth, but that doesn't mean he can't bring the heavens a little closer to home. Using a photo of the moon rising over Death Valley as reference, Miller inserted the other eight planets into the picture and the results are jaw dropping. "We would all feel a lot more humble with Jupiter's presence constantly looking over us," Miller .

Swedes Give A Big Thumbs Up To Microchips
Stop! You're Under Arrest for A Bad Choice of Font!
You Can Feel A Little Less Guilty About Eating French Fries Now

Black Widows May Be Deadly But Their Silk Could Save Lives

Scientists at Northwestern University and San Diego State University may have unraveled the mysteries of the Black Widow's super-strong web. MRI and NMR imaging revealed the molecular structure of the glands that make the spider's silk, which could be extrapolated to synthetically reproduce this stronger-than-steel material at scale. Everything from bridges to bulletproof vests could one day be impervious thanks to one of the world's deadliest spiders.

Bjarke Ingels and Artemide Craft Lamp That Grows Plants Indoors
Water Abundance XPrize Winner Announced
Coming to a Night Sky Near You: The Moon 2.0!
Move Over Solar Panels, Solar Paint is Coming

Researchers at Australia's Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology have developed a new renewable energy solution in the form of solar paint. The paint can produce electricity through solar energy or by absorbing moisture out of the air, making it ideal for humid and arid climates. The researchers estimate that when the paint becomes commercially available it will be relatively cheap to produce. 

Blind Yourself to the Horrors of the Modern Open Office with Panasonic's WearSpace

To say that open offices may not have been the productivity godsend they were touted to be is a bit of an understatement. It seems everyone—from the common office worker to journalists to big-name designers—has conceded that these workplaces cater more to distraction than to productivity. Luckily, those challenges may soon be erased by Panasonic's WearSpace, a futuristic headgear that resembles horse blinders and promises a 60% reduction in the wearer's peripheral vision.

Rolling Joints Is a Pain, So Let a Machine Do It For You
Poured Concrete Flooring Eliminates Disease in Bangladeshi Homes
The Machines Inch Closer to Overthrowing Humanity With Language Development...

CREATIVE HOUSE by Questlove and SANDOW to Champion Innovation

Innovation is the name of the game at SANDOW, as evidenced by the brand’s latest collaboration with Grammy Award–winning musician and New York Times bestselling author Questlove (not to mention Interior Design's Innovation channel, too). The venture, called CREATIVE HOUSE, aims to unite a diverse mix of artists, designers, inventors, and innovators to inspire, connect, and ideate all kinds of new brands and products. Further details will be announced in January 2019, but Questlove provided a snapshot of the project at this year’s Adobe MAX Creativity Conference.

IRL Glasses Deliver "They Live" Levels of Un-Reality
Decapitated Humanoid Pillow Aims to Comfort Sad Urban Millennials
Meet the First Commercially Available Passive House Prefab
Hospitality Industry Embraces Radical Possibilities of Autonomous Vehicles

It’s full steam—er, electricity—ahead for autonomous vehicles. The hospitality industry expressed its excitement over this swiftly emerging tech at the 12th annual Radical Innovation Awards, selecting Steve Lee’s Autonomous Travel Suite as the grand prize winner. The Aprilli Design Studios's project won the jury and audience over with its sleek design, game-changing door-to-door service, and easy integration with future tech.

At-Home HIV Testing Is Now a Reality

In 2017, HIV/AIDS claimed nearly one million lives, with an additional 36.9 million people living with the disease. HIV is a treatable illness if caught early, but once it becomes AIDS it is fatal. A new device developed by product designer Hans Ramzan gives people in the developing world, where the majority of new HIV/AIDs cases emerge, the power to test themselves at home for the virus, removing dependence on foreign aid.

Leather, Now For So Much More Than Shoes
In the Future, Couples Will Break Up Over Everything Except Assembling Ikea Furniture
Aston Martin Goes Electric With New Rapide E Sports Car

The Truth Is Out There In Technosignatures

The quest to find evidence of extraterrestrial life has largely focused on the hunt for exo-planets and watery moons, but in the 20th century it was all about finding technosignatures. Largely comprised of radio signals and/or microwaves, technosignatures present not only an opportunity to find alien life, but intelligent alien life. Representatives from NASA, SETI, the Planetary Science Institute, and large research universities held a three-day conference in Houston to re-examine this avenue, astoundingly due to pressure from Congress in support of these efforts. Maybe it has something to do with .

Save the Birds with LEDs!
Boeri, Diller, and Sejima Make Their Milan Fashion Week Debut
Dockless Bicycles Contribute to Smart City Planning