20 Area Rugs With Impact

As above, so below. These bold area rugs don't let the furniture get all the attention.

1. by 

A custom fireplace warms the living room, brightened by abstract artwork and pendants. A Louise floor lamp by  spotlights a bench by ; the sofa and poufs are by Baxter.

2. Sonic Union's Manhattan Office by 

A communal space past reception gathers West Elm chairs, Blu Dot poufs, and a Flor rug that complements the faceted custom wall cladding. The custom plywood desks are stained a bright blue to create unity.

3. Art-Filled São Paulo Apartment by 

The home of furniture designer  proves that pop art isn't dead. Slides, an oil on canvas by Luiz Zerbini, accompanies a ’60’s armchair by José Zanine Caldas and an Eames table. The faded Moroccan vintage rug nods to Jarouche's cultural roots.

4. Drawing Hotel by 

The biggest challenge of this project was the ground level, with only 1,900 square feet of public space to accommodate the entrance, reception, retail, and the lounge. A partition of oak rods that double-functions as a library defines the lobby, its seating area composed of a bold black-and-white rug, a loveseat by , and a tubular  chair that resembles contemporary sculpture.

5. Capital 8 Paris Office by 

To modernize this 1960s office, loungelike coworking spaces are partially enclosed by bright green glass, actually giant screens that can be programmed to display real-time news, weather, or company information. Hayon Studio chairs and Patricia Urquiola ottomans furnish another coworking space.

6. Teads Madrid Office by 

Airy mid-century modern furnishings imbue the environment with a sense of ease. The client’s own vintage George Nelson clock centers a symmetrical arrangement of  sofas and  tables, all by , upon rugs by .

7. Viacom Los Angeles Office by 

Viacom wanted their workplace to be a destination, which starts with an eye-catching entrance. In reception, an immense monitor displays changing visuals. Sofas by Alfred Kleene and Gabriele Assmann flank a cluster of tables by Vincenzo Maiolino.

8. Serafina Beach Hotel by 

Though San Juan was still recovering from Hurricane Maria at the time of construction, the team went full steam ahead. In the lobby, Swing chairs by Kettal and a rug by Durkan furnish the PiñaCo lounge.

9.  by 

The original polished Cumarú floor now modulates in tone, with light grey walls and bursts of color provided by upholstery across pieces by Brazilian favorites. Jorge Zalszupin’s Adriana armchairs are covered in velvet from Emporio Beraldin.

10.  by  and 

Communal spaces are large, private ones small, in this weekend-house-in-the-woods. The décor deliberately eschews timber finishes in favor of clean-lined optimism.

11. by 

The clients asked for agrarian references while also wanting a space that was fresh and contemporary. A sofa in the living area by Jaime Hayon mixes with one of his armchairs and an Eero Saarinen Womb chair.

12. by  and 

The vignettes of this home seamlessly marry past and present while catering to modern life in the city. In the living room, two Josef Hoffman bentwood cane chairs face Cold Picnic’s area rug. 

13. by 

Tasked with refreshing this four-bedroom pied-à-terre on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Christopher Coleman combined his new chromatic restraint with a touch of his old flamboyance, creating a predominantly white shell to which he added feverish electric-blue and lemon-yellow accents. A geometric rug picks up on the yellow of wingback armchairs; the floor lamp and coffee table are vintage finds.

14. by 

Design principal Karen Asprea wanted to avoid the inoffensive but lifeless aesthetic common to most developer units. Classic materials establish a calm base, with jewel-tone pillows, impressionist rugs, and vivid art adding a lived-in feel.

15. Asmundo di Gisira Hotel by 

A jade green rug adds a touch of color to the black flooring. Gaetano Pesce’s foot and a white crocodile sculpture populate a guest room.

16. Armazém Luxury Housing by 

To accompany the bespoke furniture, architect Luís Sobral and owner Fernanda Gramaxo selected production pieces as well as some items crafted in India or Turkey—the latter was a source for the vivid rugs. In reception, a Turkish rug softens the area’s concrete floor.

17. Chelsea Apartment by 

Designer Elena Frampton mixed works of art with eye-popping wall coverings, such as the study’s expanse of peacocks. The  rug was designed by Frampton.

18. Hand Made's Kraków Office by 

This office makes bold use of Hand Made’s signature gold-and-blue palette: the colors appear in plaster walls, custom Shibori rugs, upholstery fabrics, and bespoke lighting fixtures. In the chief officer’s private workspace, a vintage chair comingles with a custom carpet, lamp, and mirror conceived by the designers.

19. Swarovski's New York Office by  and 

To make the workplace hospitable, Pasquiou grounded rooms throughout with rugs. Iosa Ghini Associati sofas define the lounge.

20. Kitz by 

The boutique hotel is green throughout as a reflection of the nearby forests. In the café, Jean Prouvé armchairs stand out against a red area rug.

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