2 Seaport District Kiosks by Woods Bagot Evoke Motion

The Brooklyn Bridge backdrops the pier, where Heineken sponsors the nearby Riverdeck bar. Photography by Brooke Holm.

15 architects and fabricators led by principal David Brown of

10 feet high

300 total square feet

1,600 cylinders

6-inch diameter

Aluminum tubes were suspended on a pulley system awaiting powder-coating for Over/Under, two temporary kiosks by Woods Bagot that serve Heineken beer and provide seating on Pier 17 in the Seaport District. Photography courtesy of Woods Bagot.
Prototype tubes in 3-D printed plastic were fitted with multicolor acrylic inserts to test sunlight filtration. Photography courtesy of Woods Bagot.
At Kammetal’s Red Hook workshop, the finished tubes, including those for the roof, were bolted into a steel framework. Photography courtesy of Woods Bagot.
Flooring is diamond-tread aluminum plates reflecting the brand’s signature green. Photography courtesy of Woods Bagot.
Weather-proof caps of Accoya, an acetylated wood, were installed on top of 95 of the tubes for seating. Photography courtesy of Woods Bagot.
Sunlight filters through the tinted acrylic sheets bolted to the kiosks’ roofs. Photography courtesy of Woods Bagot.
SHoP Architects master-planned the pier and designed the main building behind the kiosks, which hosted Wifijerez’s NYCxDesign Awards.
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