Mark Müller's Woodstock Line for Three-H Offers Personal Space In an Open-Plan Office

Woodstock by Three-H. 

If you remember back to the days of private offices, then you might recall Woodstock. Industrial designer Mark Müller does. And that’s what he has named his furniture series for . It’s a tongue-in-cheek nod to that freethinking time and the pivot nowadays toward an emphasis on personal spaces within open-plan offices. Using a dowel-type technique that eliminates visible connectors, he conceived residential-leaning work surfaces, credenzas, seating, and accessories that workers can personalize. Components like oak table legs and felt modesty panels offer “an organic connection with the natural world,” Müller says, while aluminum and acrylic details add sheen. Custom grommet modules provide direct USB access and cavities for electronics. Choose from various stains, finishes, and cushion options.

Woodstock by Three-H.
Woodstock by Three-H.
Woodstock by Three-H.

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