Raw-Edges Continue Its Attention to Color, Pattern, and Movement for Mutina

Cobble by Raw Edges for Mutina.

After moving to London and studying under , Tel Aviv natives Shay Alkalay and Yael Mer reinvented themselves as . A decade later, the studio remains steadfast in its allegiance to color, pattern, and movement—a mission applied multifariously in the tile series for . “We imagined rolls of colored shapes resting on the raw tiles,” the pair says, referencing bricklike Cobble, webby Mesh, microdot Grainy, and sharp Zigzag. Four coordinates sport the same patterns, but only on half the tile. All eight options come in five compatible colors, so designers can configure multilayered surfaces, as one motif gently transitions to the next. Made from glazed homogeneous porcelain stoneware, the 8 inch squares are sturdy enough for commercial use, indoors or out.

Grainy, Mesh, Zigzag.
Tape by Mutina.

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