Brad Zizmor and Dag Folger: 2016 Hall of Fame Inductees

Tumblr in New York, 2015. Photog­raphy by Magda Biernat.

The Mart in Chicago, 2016. Photography by Magda Biernat.

Horizon Media in New York, 2011. Photography by Magda Biernat.

Hain Celestial Group in Lake Success, New York, 2013. Photography by Magda Biernat.

A café off of an elevator lobby at IHeart Media in New York, 2014. Photography by Magda Biernat.

IHeart Media’s entry. Photography by Magda Biernat.

Squarespace in New York, 2016. Photography by Magda Biernat.

Millennial Media in Baltimore, 2015. Photography by Magda Biernat.

Carolina Herrera in Las Vegas, 2009. Photography by Jeff Green.

The Plant in New York, 2014. Photography by Magda Biernat.

Under Armour in Baltimore, 2012. Photography by Ben Rahn/A­Frame Studio.

about an hour ago
Theatrical restrooms for Wintergarten Berlin get a flush of excitement:
about an hour ago
liz west's first permeant installation, colour transfer, redefines paddington bridge
about an hour ago
this 3D-printed origami robot captures delicate sea creatures without crushing them
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схема финансовой пирамиды

коэффициент финансового левериджа