A New Exhibition in Milan Explores the Technological Revolution That’s Disrupting Design

HSL, HSL Laboratories, dust extraction and cleaning of the first phase of the lamp diffuser for Bolle, designed by Selvaggia Armani. Photography courtesy of HSL.

Cécile Feichenfeldt, 3D-printed "VOLUME" in nylon, cotton, and chenille. Photography by Katharina Lütscher.

Baldi srl, sculpting a bronze ballerina, 2016. Photography courtesy of Baldi srl.

Janaïna Milheiro, Le Fil de l'Ange, 2012. Photography by Éric Forlini/Janaïna Milheiro.

Foscarini's Tite lamp designed by Marc Sadler in 2000. Photography courtesy of Foscarini.

Bijouets by Monica Castiglioni for Superleggera 64, 2015. Photography courtesy of Superleggera 64.

Marzorati Ronchetti, shown polishing mirror polished stainless steel with hand cleanser, 2016. Photography courtesy of Marzorati Ronchetti.

Paolo Ulian & Moreno Ratti's Introverted 2 marble vase by Roche Bobois, 2016. Photography courtesy of Roche Bobois.

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Theatrical restrooms for Wintergarten Berlin get a flush of excitement: https://t.co/DUTLXlUF6p
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liz west's first permeant installation, colour transfer, redefines paddington bridge https://t.co/heePUMwPOA
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this 3D-printed origami robot captures delicate sea creatures without crushing them https://t.co/RCtBikUalg
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