9 New NYC Eateries

From Bed-Stuy to the Upper East Side, and all points in between, a feast of fresh design is on the menu in our roundup of just-opened New York hot spots.

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Site: Bedford-Stuyvesant

Standout: Exterior mosaic tiles nod to the Middle Eastern fare served inside the tidy café, where a sinuous oak counter pairs with a bold blue menu board, its MDF rectangles laser-cut by a local artist.

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Site: West Village

Standout: So intimate it’s like being in someone’s living room (if that living room were in Japan), bamboo paneling creates a cocoon of calm while custom graphics and take-home ceramics make for a highly personalized, 18-course experience.

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Site: Alphabet City

Standout: Beneath a copper ceiling, diners sample contemporary Indian soul food from Michael Thonet chairs topped with saffron-colored cotton cushions, surveyed by modern monks captured in oversize photographs.

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Site: Flatiron District

Standout: Choice cuts of dry-aged steak get grilled right at each soapstone-topped table, Korean barbecue style, in a sleek space divided by an elliptical white marble bar and named for the Korean word for “flower,” a term also used to describe intensely marbled specialty beef.

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Site: NoMad

Standout: The popular, conscientious DC pizzeria arrives in the Big Apple with graphic environs defined by custom-cut subway tiles, crisscrossing linear LEDs, exposed steel columns, and art by  and .

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Site: Midtown

Standout: The largest in the Empellón empire is a showcase of Mexican influences, from the custom pattern on the porcelain floor tile to Sylvia Ji’s 75-foot-wide mural interrupted by swaths of volcanic basalt, the same stone that forms the mocajete bowls in which guacamole is made.

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Project:  and

Site: Midtown

Standout: The former Four Seasons restaurant, a landmarked interior originally designed by Philip Johnson in 1959, has been rejuvenated with new leather and horsehair upholstery on the Ludwig Mies van der Rohe chairs, custom carpeting, and a mother-of-pearl bar in a lounge that used to be a private dining room.

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Site: Lenox Hill

Standout: A trio of golden Alvar Alto pendant fixtures help to illuminate the focus on this café’s exquisite materials, such as vein-cut silver travertine, black American walnut, and Dark Emperador and Marmo Rosa di Verona marbles.

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Site: Upper East Side

Standout: After packing the house in its West Village debut, the “neighborhood steakhouse for a new generation” expands uptown in a room outfitted in vintage and custom furnishings, original brick, a graffiti-carved wooden bar, and commissioned illustrations. 


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