Latitude Architectural Group Goes Geometric for CupOne Coffee Shop in Beijing

Entrusted with the design for the 3,300-square-foot CupOne coffee shop in eastern Beijing, the Latitude Architectural Group decided to forgo the us...


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Studio Rianknop Creates Flexible, Sustainable Space for Amsterdam Tech Company

A café floored with recycled brick by StoneCycling greets employees and guests. Photography by Phenster.

When an Amsterdam company that manages a file-sharing platform decided to move from the city center to a warehouse near the city limits, it shared a few tasks with local design firm : Create a flexible space for the company’s staff, currently at 100; make it sustainable; and take advantage of the industrial space in a relaxing, inviting way.

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Criss-crossing staircases frame a custom chandelier, all by Brandwacht en Meijer. Photography by Phenster.

First, the studio dismantled part of the 19,000-square-foot warehouse’s first floor to create an atrium with a dramatic steel staircase powder coated a fresh green. Then, explains principal Rian Knop, the team created freestanding blocks in the space rather than ceiling-high rooms. “This creates space and air and allows the industrial shed roofs to remain visible,” he says.

Ege carpet tiles define an employee living room, with built-in shelving by Brandwacht en Meijer. Photography by Phenster.

Pantries, bathrooms, and meeting spaces sit on the first floor, with more meeting spaces and offices floating above them. And, in a clever nod to the wires funneling data across the globe, a “cable tree” grows from the lower level with branches powering first-floor public spaces and a tubular chandelier. 

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Floating pine blocks enclose meeting spaces. Photography by Phenster.

Freestanding office blocks create space and air and allow the industrial roof to remain visible. Photography by Phenster.

The pantry’s ample greenery contrasts with graphic white tiles from DTILE, anchored with black grout. Photography by Phenster.

Unique, but complementary, carpet tiles from Ege lend each of the meeting and flex working zones a different character. Photography by Phenster.

Bathrooms include colored epoxy sinks, cast in a single piece by Brandwacht en Meijer. Photography by Phenster.

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