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Spider-Like Robot Will Keep Your Succulents Alive

Keeping succulents alive isn’t too demanding, but some of us just aren’t blessed with a green thumb. Thankfully, the robot ranks have expanded with HEXA, a mobile flowerpot that monitors its occupant’s solar needs and moves on its own into and out of shade. When it’s time to be watered, HEXA does a little dance on its six arachnid-looking legs.

Tech | Robotics

Honda Has Officially Ceased Production of Asimo, The World’s Cutest Humanoid Robot

Sayonara, Asimo, you will be missed. Throughout your 18-year-long life, you delighted and inspired people around the world with your charming antics and peculiar walk. Your legacy lives on in Honda’s new companion and mobility-assistance bots, which debuted at CES 2018.

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An Organic Solution to the Plastic Problem
Tech | Materials
Electric Paint Lights Up Limitless Creative Possibilities
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Architectural Drafting Meets Minecraft

How Design Inspires Creativity in the Workplace

We’re all born with varying degrees of creativity. Companies that want to be competitive and innovative in today’s market are turning to workplace design as a solution to boost creativity. Rapidly, the design community has responded by envisioning projects and products that honor the creative urge in all of us and seek to hone that drive into an even sharper expression of what the contemporary digital workforce is able to accomplish. 

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An Architect Has a Vision for Planting Trees on Mars
Tech | Urban Planning
Urban Footprint Transforms Data into Better City Simulations
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Alibaba’s Vending Machine is One You Don’t Want a Goodie to Get Stuck In

Alibaba, the Chinese equivalent and direct competitor to Amazon, and Ford have partnered to make the formally ridiculous idea of a car vending machine not only possible, but potentially cool. The cars are only available to test drive, but a credit score of 700 or more points lets an interested buyer take the car out. The vending machine resides in Guangzhou, China.

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Scientists Can Make Kale Glow in the Dark

A team of MIT researchers recently discovered that applying firefly enzymes to kale with gentle pressure causes the plant to glow in the dark. The plant only gives off one-thousandth of the light humans need to read by and the glow only lasts three-and-a-half hours, but there’s vast potential, says MIT professor and lead study author Michael Strano. With further development, glow-in-the-dark trees and plants could take pressure off energy infrastructure by providing free, earth-friendly lighting at night.

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How to Grow a Baby Without a Human Womb
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Greenhouses Map Out a Future for Life on Mars
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3-D Printed Steel Is Here
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Airbnb Dives Into AI

“We developed a working theory that if machine learning algorithms can classify a complex set of thousands of handwritten symbols—such as handwritten Chinese characters—with a high degree of accuracy, then we should be able to classify the 150 components within our system and teach a machine to recognize them," said Benjamin Wilkins, Airbnb’s design technology lead. The initial tests were very successful, with the AI capable of reading the blocky sketches of different components of Airbnb’s app and translating them directly into nearly-perfect mock up. The team is continuing to refine this tech, and currently exploring other avenues of integrating this technology into app development. 

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Construction of Jeff Bezos’s 10,000-Year Clock Begins
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E-Skin Will Give Robots a Human Touch