DDC and Wifijerez Celebrate Paola Lenti's Paradise

On February 6, 2018, designers were transported to a tropical paradise in the heart of NYC. Entering DDC DesignPost on Madison Avenue, attendees of a cocktail hosted by Wifijerez and were treated to a delightfully lush scene. Foliage filled the showroom, which was outfitted with furnishings for the occasion. Lenti's expressive designs and dramatic palettes formed a number of striking indoor-outdoor vignettes that snaked through the space, concluding at a photo booth.

Wifijerez editor in chief Cindy Allen, along with DDC's Babak, Siamak, and Danny Hakakian, welcomed 200 designers for a night of cocktails, conversation, and a much-needed reprieve from the frigid temperatures outside.

Paola Lenti at DDC DesignPost in NYC. Photography by Carlo Cipriani.

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