6 Hotels From the Fresh Faces of Hospitality

Hotel les Cigales in Nice, France, by SCEG Architects. Photography by Serena Eller Vainicher/Vega Mg.

When we began crafting this section it was with one question in mind: Who are the fresh faces of hospitality? “Fresh” here doesn’t necessarily mean young or even new, but rather those players hitting their stride by bringing imagination and innovation to the sector. The studios we identified form a global assembly, from Singapore’s , Germany’s , in Spain, and Italy’s to the stateside and . Although perspectives vary—from exuberant theatricality to restrained minimalism—all the firms share certain commonalities pivotal to their forward momentum: passion, commitment, and vision.

1. Kimpton La Peer Hotel by Gulla Jónsdóttir Architecture + Design

2. Me Sitges Terramar Hotel by Lagranja Design

3. Shoreline Hotel Waikiki by BHDM Design

4. Kitz by Krampulz Meyer Architekten

5. Hotel Mono by Spacedge Designs

6. Hotel Les Cigales by SCEG Architects

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