10 Flooring Highlights from NeoCon 2018

Flooring that caught our editors’ eyes at this year’s NeoCon. Follow  for more picks.

1. Colorplay by by 

Colorplay by Tandus Centiva by Tarkett (#380).

2. Tilt Tones by  by 

Tilt Tones by Aspecta by Metroflor (#7-10115).

3. Pure Wavelength by 

Pure Wavelength by Mannington Commercial (#1039).

4. Dog Eared by

Dog Eared by Bentley Mills (#1098).

5. Pathway by

Pathway by EF Contract (#1167).

6. Nutopia by 

Nutopia by Mohawk Group (#377).

7. Visual Code by 

Visual Code by Interface (#10-134).

8. Awaken by

Awaken by Atlas Carpet Mills (#1082).

9. Haven by

Haven by Shaw Contract (#1029).

10. Artefact by 

Artefact by Patcraft (#10-160).

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