10 Products With Earthy Hues

Earthy tones add just the right amount of color.

Nutopia Urban Passage and Urban Fringe carpet planks in solution-dyed nylon in Highrise, Green Space, Skyway, Riverside, and Brickworks by .
Adelaide sofa in walnut and polyester in Velvet Rust by .
Tactility’s Superspun polyester in Creel, Sett, and Harness, Equilux rayon-wool blend in Corona, Arc Angle nylon-polyester in Theia, and Interstice polyester-cotton blend in Caesura by .
Cubitt polyester-nylon by .
Lives Work lounge chair in painted aluminum and twill by .
PM Lounge chairs and loveseats in plywood, steel, and polyester by .
141 bench in walnut and recycled polyester by .
Cosm task chairs in Canyon by .
Artefact carpet tile made of Eco Solution Q nylon with EcoWorx backing for .
Myriad collection seats and backrests in molded foam by .

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