Allermuir's Axyl Chair by Benjamin Hubert Is Both Timeless and Timely

Photography courtesy of Allermuir and Layer.

Timeless and timely. Benjamin Hubert, co-founder of industrial design studio , was looking to create a chair with those diametric characteristics. was game, and so began two years of development that culminated in Axyl. A-frame typology and Danish wrap-shell construction assure the agelessness.

Photography courtesy of Allermuir and Layer.

The material of the die-cast frame, however, is totally of today: a recycled aluminum that uses just 5 percent of the energy required to create new aluminum. It’s available in eight powder-coats, raw or polished aluminum. For the shell, the wood-plastic composite version comes in two colors, the two injection-molded polypropylene in six. See it at Allermuir's showroom, booth 3-123.

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