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Ceramica Cielo's Narciso Doppia Sink Basin Is a Minimalist Multitasker-

Ceramica Cielo's Narciso Doppia Sink Basin Is a Minimalist Multitasker

Andrea Parisio and Giuseppe Pezzano, artistic directors of , have conceived Narciso Doppia, a minimalist multitasker for washing, drying, and storing. Cast from a single ceramic block, the double basin comes in 16 finishes. Below, the twin chests with drawers are available in various wood finishes. Connecting the super-symmetrical assembly is a steel frame, in three finishes, that, err, doubles as a towel rack. All told, the footprint is a compact 20 by 44 inches. But wait, there’s. . .less: Single-serve spans just 30 inches. 

Narciso Doppia.

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