Liam Hopkins Fills an Abandoned Building With 26,000 Square Feet of Cardboard

One designer. 8 printworkers. 26,000 square feet of cardboard. 4,500 cardboard pieces. 15 pods.

Installing Chromatogram, part of the U.K.’s National Festival of Making, principal removed clamps after gluing precision-cut sections of custom-colored cardboard together. Photography by GS Visuals + Co.

Hopkins cleaned his fingers after using a compression-powered glue gun on one of the 10-foot-high pods. Photography by GS Visuals + Co.

A detail of the cardboard pods. Photography by GS Visuals + Co.

Nylon barrier tape wrapped a pod to support it before the base, also cardboard, was glued on. Photography by GS Visuals + Co.

Backdropped by the , an abandoned 1863 building in Blackburn, the gradient spectrum of the cardboard represented colors used by the , which donated the materials, over the course of the past 50 years. Photography by GS Visuals + Co.

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