3 Remastered Mid-Century Products

Mid-century art and design get a new lease on life.

Composizione 57 12 by Manlio Rho from Amini Carpets.

Designer: Manlio Rho from . 

Product: Composizione 57 12.

Standout: An abstract painting from the 1930’s has now become a rug, hand-knotted in Nepal from hand-spun Tibetan highland wool. 

Cestita Batería by Miguel Milá from Santa & Cole.

Designer: Miguel Milá from .

Product: Cestita Batería.

Standout: Based on the original Cesta, a 1962 plug-in lamp, a new version relies on today’s battery-charged LEDs for portability. 

PK1 by Poul Kjærholm from Carl Hansen & Søn.

Designer: Poul Kjærholm from .

Product: PK1.

Standout: Still produced with a steel frame woven with linen-wrapped halyard, this 1955 chair, Kjærholm’s first, now boasts larger dimensions.

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