CF Stinson's Skateboard-Inspired Fabric Collection

Chaos, Splice and Three60 by CF Stinson for Art of Board.

Turning discarded skateboards into wood, ceramic, and porcelain tile is 's stock in trade. Now the company is applying its spunky skate-surf attitude to a textiles collaboration with . In the words of the latter’s director of design, Lori Roop, “The product is inherently cool.” She distilled the fabric patterns from a vast array of imagery and surfaces. Graphics adapted from skateboard decks are collaged and digitally printed for boldly colored, highly detailed Chaos, a polyurethane-coated polyester. Jacquard-woven cotton yielded both Splice, inspired by stacks of skateboards, and Three60, which imagines decks cut into circles.

Three60 by CF Stinson for Art of Board.
Splice by CF Stinson for Art of Board.
Chaos by CF Stinson for Art of Board.

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