Rimadesio Joins New York Showroom DOM Interiors

Inside the Rimadesio showroom at DOM Interiors in New York. 

New York–based showroom  has launched a flagship space for luxury Italian furniture manufacturer  to coincide with the brand’s 60th anniversary. The showroom, designed by Rimadesio’s Giacomo Fossati, displays the brand’s collection of high-tech furnishings and modular systems, comprising shelving, space dividers, and swing doors.

Rimadesio's Long Island table. Image courtesy of Rimadesio.

The opening marks the introduction of Rimadesio to DOM’s global roster of high-end furniture showrooms, which include , , and .

Rimadesio's Sail sliding panel doors. Image courtesy of Rimadesio.

DOM Interiors is located at 66 Crosby Street in SoHo, Manhattan.

Rimadesio's self freestanding lacquered glass storage unit. Image courtesy of Rimadesio.


Rimadesio's Velaria sliding door system. Image courtesy of Rimadesio.


Rimadesio's Opus modular shelving system. Image courtesy of Rimadesio.


Rimadesio's Manta modular table system. Image courtesy of Rimadesio.
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