A Seat That Defies Gravity

All photography by Daro Sulakauri. 

It takes confidence to challenge Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of the universe. Luckily, founder and creative director Levan Lominashvili is up to the task. For “Gravity,” an exhibition at Galerie Joseph in Paris, Lominashvili conceived Zero as a way to experiment with a force that’s one of the defining factors in design. On the other hand, gravity is limiting, but it also pushes us to bypass, overcome, and levitate. Lominashvili cut sheets of steel, 18 by 32 inches, to remove a square portion and coated the remainder in automotive paint in Pantone’s citrusy 387C. The resulting seat is able to cantilever from walls purely by virtue of its shape, without assistance from clamps or legs.

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