Pittsburgh's Savannah Hayes Makes Vibrant Textiles With Global Influences

Ravenna by Savannah Hayes.

Location: Pittsburgh.

Shuttling between London, New York, and other global design centers while working for brands such as and , perfected her point of view. After landing in Pittsburgh, a city famous for its renaissance from smoky steel town to cultural hotbed, the California native launched a namesake collection and digital boutique. Primitive and modern motifs span categories, so patterns printed on Belgian linen can be had as pillows with feather-down inserts or fabric by the yard. Antwerp reinterprets the port city’s skyline, while the broken tessellation of Bodrum references Turkish stained glass. Izmir’s origin can be traced to an ancient Medusa mosaic; Zadar replicates traditional tile borders. The mood is lush in Ravenna, a painterly tribute to block printing.

Ravenna, Izmir, and Antwerp by Savannah Hayes.

Antwerp, BodrumZadar, Izmir, and Ravenna by Savannah Hayes.

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