Brilliant New Fixtures From MoMA Design Store

Sean Augustine March’s Fresnel lamp. Photography courtesy of MoMA Design Store.

Technology reigns supreme with the ’s lighting launches. Named after 19th-century physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel—who invented compound lenses to produce the parallel beams still employed by lighthouses—the Fresnel table lamp by plays optical games, as LEDs pass through metal particles embedded in the dichroic glass of the double-box construction. Meanwhile, LEDs travel along the lines laser-engraved in an acrylic sheet to mimic a 3-D double helix for #Spiral, an addition to the Bulbing series of table lamps by ’s Nir Chehanowski. Want mood-enhancing light? From  founders Gimmy Chu, Tom Rodinger, and Christian Yan come Aurora’s nine interlocking, triangular fixtures. Mounted on the wall or ceiling, they’re fitted with LEDs that can be programmed to respond to music or even a sunrise.

Nanoleaf’s Aurora light. Photography courtesy of Nanoleaf.

Nir Chehanowski’s #Spiral lamp. Photography by Michael Topyol.
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