Electric Coffin Mixes up the Intoxicating East Trading Co. Bar in Seattle

When I-Miun Liu decided to transform a former Sun Liquor distillery space into a cocktail bar, he brought on local art studio Electric Coffin to shake up a refreshing blend of fantasy and reality. “The art was inspired by I-Miun’s personal story, his childhood, his parents,” says principal Duffy DeArmas. “The concept is that you are stepping into this magical, mythical family-owned storefront.” The maple bar is lined with custom seating the owner I-Miun Liu created with car parts. Photography by Austin Day. A wall sculpture shows a giant squid destroying a ship in the bottle, made of plywood the team embellishes ...

7 Simply Amazing Living Walls

Lush living walls provide these projects with a welcome breath of fresh air. 1. Etsy headquarters by Gensler   Coders tend ...



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